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Brand Strength
The March issue of Sporting Goods Business features SOS Research’s 2010 Brand Strength Report. The report finds several attributes (innovation, quality, marketing, etc.) all playing a role in establishing a brand’s strength in consumers’ eyes. But, the drivers differ for each brand and the way brands communicate with consumers continues to change in today’s fast-paced, digital world.
What attributes of a brand do you believe are the most important when assessing brand strength with the consumer?
One Response:
In any era successful brands have been created, grown and sustained irrespective of the economic, demographic and psychographic audience in which they play. Recognizable brands are in one’s mind, following from the business elements that created that top of mind brand awareness. Great brands are customer-centric. Great brands reflect value (quality/price/service), continuous positive recognition and a sustainable financial model. Importantly, the developers of great brands followed a principle, that “all cues must be consistent”, creating a visual image in the minds of the consumer and observer of what that brand is, what it looks, smells, tastes or feels like and why it is desirable.