Turnaround and Performance Improvement Advisors

The Walking Co.Dear Tom:

As you are aware, The Walking Company is finalizing the successful emergence from its Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We have accomplished each of our objectives, including the development and funding of a plan of reorganization. All of this within merely eight months.

Tom, I believe that much of the success of our filing and our timely emergence is attributable to the work conducted by you and your firm. With professionalism and integrity you and your staff quickly established a recommended plan of action that included the closing of 29 unprofitable and marginally profitable stores and the restructuring of corporate overhead. Additionally, you played a critical role in the acquisition of DIP financing and the auction of inventory in our closing stores.

You and your staff worked tirelessly within very limited time frames and provided recommendations and financial projections that were "right on the money" . Your expertise was invaluable and your recommendations laid the groundwork for our successful emergence from bankruptcy.

Tom, thank you for the exceptional job. I wish you much future success.


Richard R. Hettlinger

Chief Financial Officer